Missing Link Hatchetman
Missing Link Hatchetman

Big Hoodoo — “Asylum” Escaping Friday, July 22, 2016!


Check out the third single from BIG HOODOO straight outta the Psychopathic Records Video Department! The track is called “Darkside” and it’ taken off his debut album, Crystal Skull! Peep the music video and click here to order your copy of the album!

Big Hoodoo’s “Crystal Skull” album now available in stores across the nation & hatchetgear.com

Big Hoodoo and his album have been in the works for two years and we’re stoked as fuck to announce that his debut release, Crystal Skull, has now dropped and is available for purchase nationwide! Crystal Skull is fifteen tracks of 100% authentic Detroit shit from someone who has ran…

Big Hoodoo’s video debut for “Never Had” off Crystal Skull

The Psychopathic Records Video Department has got another music video from Big Hoodoo for you to peep so you can get another taste of what the Crystal Skull album holds for you! Give the track a listen and if you missed out on it you can peep his previous video…

Big Hoodoo merchandise now available on hatchetgear.com

There’s hella brand new Big Hoodoo merch up on hatchetgear.com! In addition to pre-ordering the album, Crystal Skull, which drops on July 2nd you can also scoop t-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, bandanas, and plenty more!! We’ll keep puttin’ up new merch so you can rep the latest entity of Psychopathic Records…

Pre-order “Crystal Skull”! It drops July 2nd – New Music Video Coming June 28th!

Although the name Big Hoodoo is something new in the Juggalo community, this bone chilling entity of Psychopathic Records has been in the works for the last two years. More importantly, he is already hittin’ hard as hell, makin’ himself known amongst the ‘Los and ‘Lettes and making damn sure…

Crystal Skull Album Available For Pre-order On HatchetGear.com!

Big Hoodoo has been makin’ a huge impact this week with the release of his debut music video “Hexed” over at hatchetmantv.com! Ninjas have been goin’ fuckin’ nuts over this 100% authentic Detroit wicked shit and clamoring to get their hands on the Crystal Skull album which is going to…